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Product Specifications

Elite Model E6-V
Working Area 1300*2500mm
Z Travel height 200mm
Table Size 1430mm*3017mm
Spindle 6KW HSD(Made in Italy)
Controller Independent DSP
Rail THK rail(Made in Japan)
Motion system(X & Y) Rack & pinion)
Motion System(Z) Ball screw
Machine Bed T slot cum Vacuum Bed with german becker vacuum pump
Collet ER32
Software Type 3
Dust collector 3KW Double bag
Gross weight 1600Kg

The Elite CNC Router from Bluerhine is a highly versatile CNC Router,ideal for signage industry.It is capable of cutting and engraving Arylic,wood,ACP etc.

It has a high speed and heavy duty spindle.The capacity of spindle can be configured based on customer requirements.The working area has a high load bearing capacity.The gantry clearance allows loading of media upto 200mm